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Traffic Racer is a popular mobile game developed by soner kara that has entertained players for several years. In this game, players drive a car on a busy highway and must avoid other vehicles while collecting coins and completing missions.

Racing fans who’re looking to enhance the gaming experience must download the Traffic Racer Mod Apk, a modified version of the game that offers additional features not found in the Traffic racer apk.

These features can include unlimited cash, unlocked cars, endless racing, and other perks that make the game more enjoyable. The game’s availability is widespread and easily accessible online, allowing players to download and install the mod version quickly.

Mod Apk Features of Traffic Racer 3.6 Android

Unlimited Money

Download the modified version and get unlimited money. As soon as you download this game, you will be awarded unlimited everything and limitless cash, the game’s main currency. Use it to upgrade any car to its max level.

All Cars Unlocked

The mod version of the game also unlocks all cars, including the premium ones, from the start. Players don’t have to grind through the levels to buy their favorite vehicles. Ride your favorite car as they are free to play!

No Ads

The mod version includes no advertisements, meaning players can enjoy uninterrupted games without distractions. Earn money and continue your game without watching any advertisements.

Free Shopping

With the Traffic Racer mod apk, you no longer have to worry about collecting coins and cash by winning races or completing challenges. You can now purchase any car or upgrade you desire with unlimited money.

In addition to buying cars and upgrades, you can access all the game’s levels and modes with the mod apk. It means you can access the game’s exciting content without traditionally completing it.

Gameplay of Traffic Racer

It is an addictive driving game that challenges players to navigate through traffic on busy highways and roads. Basic driving skills involve controlling a car and driving as far as possible without crashing into other vehicles or obstacles. Players can choose from fully unlocked cars and customize their vehicles with upgrades and new paint jobs.

As players progress through the endless arcade, they can earn cash by collecting coins and completing various objectives, such as driving a certain distance or passing a certain number of cars. You need to earn points to buy new cars and upgrades. It features 5 different game modes: Endless, Time Trial, Two-Way, and Free Ride.


Endless mode is the game’s primary mode, where players try to drive as far as possible without crashing.


Endless Two-Way mode requires players to dodge oncoming NPC traffic on both sides.

Free Ride

Free Ride mode allows players to explore the game’s environment without specific goals.

Time Trial

Time Trial mode challenges players to reach a certain distance within a set time limit

police chase

In the police chase, players must drive their cars at high speeds while evading the pursuing police cars.

Overall, the game is fun and engaging, offering a simple yet challenging experience. The smooth controls, high-quality graphics, exciting game modes, and immersive sound effects make it an excellent choice for racing game enthusiasts. Now you can also download and enjoy driving on PC and iPhone devices.

Graphics and Features of the Mod Version 3.6

Traffic Racer is one of the viral mobile games that has captured the hearts of millions of gamers worldwide with its 3d graphics. However, gamers often look for mods that can provide additional features and benefits to make the gameplay more exciting and entertaining. 

One such popular Mod is the Traffic Racer Pro Mod, which offers a range of exciting features, including unlimited money and cars like SUVs. The version is a custom-modified version of the original game that provides several additional items for free, including unlocked levels and Ads removal.

traffic racer unlimited money

With unlimited money, players can buy expensive and powerful cars, upgrade their existing ones, and unlock various other game features without worrying about running out of money.

Moreover, the mod menu enables gamers to access all the locked cars, which would otherwise require extensive effort and progress to unlock. This feature lets players quickly choose their favorite car from the beginning and race through the tracks. I recommend uncovering the best cars of the traffic racer game to enjoy it at full glory.

traffic racer ad free

Apart from these features, the latest version provides gamers a more immersive and exciting experience with enhanced graphics and additional game modes. These features make the game more engaging and enjoyable, ensuring gamers remain hooked for hours.

The game is an excellent choice for gamers looking for a more exciting and enhanced version. With features such as unlimited money and unlocked cars, gamers can enjoy a thrilling gameplay experience easily.

How to install Traffic Racer Mod Apk?

traffic racer installation steps
  • Before downloading the Mod, ensure you have uninstalled the original version from your device.
  • Before installing the apk file, ensure you have enabled the “Unknown Sources” option in your device’s settings. You can find this option by visiting Settings > Security > Unknown Sources.
  • Tap on the given file to begin the installation process.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation. It may take a few moments to install the game.
  • Once the installation is complete, launch the game and enjoy playing the modded version.
  • That’s it! You should now be able to download and install the mod version and start playing the game with all the added features and benefits. Enjoy!

Note: For the majority of mobile phones “Unknown Resource” option is available in security. However, some mobile headset doesn’t give this option in the security setting, so you should check it in privacy. Here I am using vivo mobile. Moreover, the file is entirely safe to download because I tested it through various antivirus software, and the mod file works completely fine on Android mobile devices.


How to Play the Traffic Racer?

Here’s a brief guide on how to play the game, including how to navigate the game’s menus and controls:
It is an exciting racing game requiring players to navigate different NPC traffic situations while driving. The mod version of the game offers additional features and perks, making it more exciting to play. For more detailed instructions, check our traffic racer guide and leaderboards list.

Select Your Car: Once you’ve installed the game, you can start by selecting a car from 35 different cars. The game offers a variety of vehicles to choose from, each with different characteristics and features. You can also upgrade the cars with different engines, brakes, and tires that make car handling easy.

traffic racer garage

Choose a Level: After selecting your car, you can choose a level to play. The game has different levels, each with unique environments and traffic situations.

Navigate the Game’s Menus: Use the on-screen buttons to navigate the game’s menus. The button on the bottom-left corner of the screen allows you to pause the game, while the button on the bottom-right corner allows you to accelerate or brake. You can also tilt your device to control the car’s movement.

traffic racer controls

Avoid Obstacles: As you drive through the level, you must avoid obstacles, including other cars, trucks, and barriers. You can earn points for driving fast and close to other vehicles without crashing.

Earn Points: You can earn points on your way, which you can use to upgrade the car or purchase new ones. You can also access new levels and challenges by collecting enough points.

Tips to Achieve High Scores

Here are some tips and tricks for getting high scores and progressing through the levels of the latest version.

Choose the Right Car

You can choose from multiple cars, each with strengths and weaknesses. The faster the car, the more difficult it is to control, so choose a vehicle that matches your driving style.

Upgrade Your Car

As you progress through the levels, you’ll need to upgrade your car to keep up with the increasing difficulty. Use the cash you earn in the game to upgrade your car’s speed, handling, and brakes.

Drive Safely

While driving as fast as you can on the road is tempting, driving safely is essential to avoid crashing into other vehicles. Maintain a safe distance from other cars and use the brakes when necessary.

Use the Tilt Control

The tilt control in the game allows you to control your car by tilting your device, making it easier to navigate through traffic and avoid collisions.

Take Advantage of the Bonuses

You can earn bonuses by driving in the opposite direction, driving at high speeds, and passing other cars closely. These bonuses can help you earn more coins and progress through the levels faster.

Stay Focused

It’s essential to stay focused while playing the game. Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions like notifications or phone calls.

By following these tips and tricks, you can get high scores and progress through the levels in the game. Remember to drive safely and use the bonuses to maximize your gameplay experience.

Traffic Racer Old Version

Frequently Asked Question

You can choose your pre¬≠ferred way to control the car while¬≠ playing ‚Äď either by tilting the de¬≠vice or using on-screen buttons. With tilt controls, you ste¬≠er the car by moving your device¬≠ thanks to its acceleromete¬≠r feature. Where¬≠as touch controls give you buttons to accelerate¬≠ and brake during gameplay.

If you’re conside¬≠ring using a modified Apk, be mindful that the file¬≠’s safety hinges on its source. Downloading an APK from untrustworthy we¬≠bsites could expose your de¬≠vice to malware and other se¬≠curity risks. That being said, it is always advisable to download the file¬≠ from a credible site such as trafficrace¬≠

It ultimate­ly comes down to the policies se­t by its soner kara. While­ some may be more re­laxed in their approach; you must exe­rcise discretion in any modifications you use.

With this modifie¬≠d version, you’ll get access to unlocke¬≠d cars, unlimited in-game currency, and many othe¬≠r gameplay enhanceme¬≠nts not found in the original release¬≠.

While installing the¬≠ modded APK for the game, it’s best to re¬≠move any previous versions be¬≠forehand. To install, ensure your de¬≠vice settings allow apps from “Unknown sources.”

While downloading the modified game, kee­p in mind that its additional enhanceme­nts will vary based on the version. Some­ mods may offer new cars, tracks, customization options, or improved pe­rformance upgrades.

To unlock the cars in the¬≠ game, you only need to download it. No e¬≠xtra effort is required. Once¬≠ downloaded and running on your device; you’ll automatically have¬≠ access to all mod features.

It’s important to note there may be¬≠ limitations or restrictions compared to the original game¬≠. Some features or functionalitie¬≠s might not work properly, and the modded ve¬≠rsion could lack certain updates or optimizations. Howeve¬≠r, don’t worry! You can download those latest updates from our we¬≠bsite as we regularly update¬≠ it.

Yes, you can play it offline. It doesn’t need any wifi connection.

Compatibility with your de¬≠vice or operating system will vary. To avoid any issue¬≠s, we recommend che¬≠cking the table in the article¬≠ to determine if it’s compatible¬≠ with your specific setup.

The latest version can be­ manually downloaded from our website through an apk file­. We frequently upload the­ newest versions for you to acce­ss at your convenience.

It’s not possible. Most modded apks are se¬≠parate from the official game and ge¬≠nerally don’t sync up when it comes to progre¬≠ss or data transfer.


In conclusion, try it out yourself. The game is free and offers a unique and engaging experience providing hours of entertainment. As you explore the different environments and driving experience, you will become immersed in the 3d graphics with dynamic visuals. Downlod the mod game now and get unlimited resources.