Traffic Racer Achievements and Leaderboard – Full list With XP Points

In this article, we are about to discuss the complete list of traffic racer achievements and leaderboard along with XP points and high scores so stick with us. Traffic Racer is a popular racing game with a large following of players worldwide. With its immersive gameplay and realistic graphics, players can race through different tracks and environments as they strive to become the best racers in the game.

Players can earn achievements and climb up the leaderboard to add to the game’s excitement. These achievements add to the excitement of playing the game and provide players with a sense of accomplishment as they progress through the levels.

In addition to earning achievements, players can climb up the Traffic Racer leaderboard. The leaderboard ranks players based on their overall score, which is determined by their performance in the game. Players can view the leaderboard to see their rank against other players worldwide. Climbing up the leaderboard requires dedication and skill, as players must consistently perform well to improve their ranking.

List of Achievements Achievements Task XP Points
1SpeedyYou have reached 120 km/h speed1000
2First StepYou have reached 100 km/h speed500 
3You got the Courage!You have reached 150 km/h speed1500
4Out of ControlYou have reached 175 km/h speed2000
5Sense of SpeedYou have reached 200 km/h speed2500 
6The OvertakerOvertake 25 cars in a single run1000
7Jr. OvertakerOvertake 10 cars in a single run500 
8No KiddingYou have reached 220 km/h speed3000
9Master OvertakerOvertake 50 cars in a single run1500
10Insane OvertakerOvertake 100 cars in a single run2500
11Bronze MedalScore 25,000 points in Endless Mode1000
12Silver MedalScore 50,000 points in Endless Mode2000 
13Gold MedalScore 100,000 points in Endless Mode3000
14Platinum MedalScore 200,000 points in Endless Mode5000
15Overtake AddictOvertake 200 cars in a single run5000
16Warming Up!Overtake 25 cars at 120 km/h or above in a single run1000
17In RushOvertake 50 cars at 120 km/h or above in a single run2000
18Thrill AddictOvertake 100 cars at 120 km/h or above in a single run3000
19Mr. DodgerOvertake 50 cars at 160 km/h or above in a single run3000
20ConfidentOvertake 25 cars at 160 km/h or above in a single run2000
21Lunatic!Overtake 100 cars at 160 km/h or above in a single runl5000
22Deadly PassOvertake 25 cars at 200 km/h or above in a single run2500
23The ImpossibleOvertake 100 cars at 200 km/h or above in a single run10000
24Almost ThereOvertake 50 cars at 200 km/h or above in a single run5000

Importance of Achievements and Leaderboards in Traffic Racer

It is a popular mobile racing game downloaded millions of times worldwide. The achievement system and leaderboards are one of the game’s most attractive features. We will discuss the importance of achievements and leaderboards in Traffic Racer.

First, let’s talk about achievements. Achievements are goals that players can complete while playing the game. These goals range from simple tasks like completing a certain level to more challenging ones like reaching a specific speed or distance. Achievements serve as a great motivator for players to keep playing the game and striving to achieve their goals. They provide a sense of accomplishment and pride in completing a difficult task.

In Traffic Racer, achievements are significant as they provide players with rewards to help them progress through the game. Achievements can also unlock new game modes, tracks, and other hidden features that players may not have access to otherwise.

Now, let’s talk about leaderboards. Leaderboards allow players to compete against each other and see who is the best at the game. In Traffic Racer, the leaderboard shows the top players in the world based on their score, distance, and other factors. Leaderboards provide players with a sense of competition and a drive to do better than their friends and other players worldwide.

Leaderboards are also an excellent way for players to discover new ways to play the game. By looking at the scores of the top players, players can learn new strategies, techniques, and shortcuts they may not have thought of before. It creates a sense of community within the game, where players can share their knowledge and help each other improve.

List of Leaderboard

Sr.noLeaderboards ModesTop Score
1Endless – One Way6,590,000
2Endless – Two Way6,950,000
3Time Trial 6,950,000
5Max Distance235.00
6Max Overtake Combo18,700
7Police Chase8,000,000

Overview of Leaderboards in Traffic Racer 

Leaderboards are popular in many games, including the popular mobile game Traffic Racer. In this game, leaderboards showcase players’ highest scores in different categories, such as distance travelled, number of cars passed, and highest speed achieved.

Leaderboards serve a few different purposes in Traffic Racer. First, they provide a way for players to compete against each other, even if they are not playing simultaneously. By seeing other players’ high scores, players can be motivated to try to beat those scores and climb the leaderboard rankings themselves.

Second, leaderboards provide a way for players to track their progress in the game. By seeing their score and ranking on the leaderboard, players can see how much they have improved since their last play session and set goals to reach a higher score.

Finally, leaderboards can be used by the developers of Traffic Racer to track which features and game modes are the most popular and engaging for players. By seeing which leaderboards have the most activity and competition, the developers can decide which areas of the game to focus on improving and expanding.


In conclusion, Traffic Racer offers a wide range of achievements players can earn by completing different tasks and challenges. The leaderboard allows players to see their position and compare their scores with others in real-time. With its realistic physics and challenging gameplay, Traffic Racer is a fun and exciting game for enthusiasts.